Inside a cast iron fuel distributor --- CLICK HERE FOR MORE ----


I was able to seal my CIS distributor with a loctite theard sealing glue. It's been working flawless since then whitout any leaks. 

Sealing was done by applying a minute (really really small) layer of the loctite glue with a pencil to the surfaces of the 2 cast iron parts of the CIS distributor. 

Maby some usefull pics for the rebuild 

I find 404dollar quit a lot of money  , for 30-50euro I buy a used replacement unit which can be made leakproof for 10euro... You don't have to take it appart so far like I did, only seperate the 2 halves and take out the diaphram is sufficient. Clean the surfaces with brake-cleaner and apply the sealant (which is fuel and oil resistant according the the datasheet of loctite, it is made for sealing threads and joints in pipes carring fuids) 

Afterwards I tested the flow of my injectors at 25, 50, 75 an 100% lift of the sensor plate and in all cases the difference in flow was smaller than 1% 

Porsche 924 2.0 Kompressor 136.1wHp @ 5650rpm / 201.9wNm @ 3900rpm (dyno @